I Hosted a 1v1 PROS VS. NOOBS Fortnite Tournament...

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I Hosted a 1v1 PROS VS. BOTS Fortnite Tournament...
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So today I ended up hosting my first tournament back on fortnite! We got 4 Pro Fortnite Players and 4 Bot Fortnite Players! I gave all the fortnite bots and advantage to see if they could beat the PRO's in a 1v1 on Fortnite!
#fortnite #1v1

Micketa Armistead
Micketa Armistead 9 күн мурун
Wet Rag Evan
Wet Rag Evan 10 күн мурун
Repent you need God
Mason Ford
Mason Ford 18 күн мурун
Micah Harris
Micah Harris 19 күн мурун
Open league player don’t play arena but sit in creative champions Lage players just play creative
Tyler O'Neill
Tyler O'Neill 21 күн мурун
I love how the mobs are better then me😂
Janine Heck
Janine Heck 29 күн мурун
he called zaxy zixy it anoined the crap out of me
2cold,#%- Sprad
2cold,#%- Sprad Ай мурун
splats a bot with the renegade🤔😁😃
Mxshhlol Ай мурун
Nicks wanna wager for £50 I can’t lie I need some money.
Mxshhlol Ай мурун
Nicks is kinda free I can’t lie
Kade16talley Ай мурун
Jack a big poopoo head for not letting Dinko. Win
Critical Ай мурун
Yo jack is kinda gay
vVipez Ай мурун
That is my original start
UhhShmo Ай мурун
POV: you forgot about nicks for a little bit and the last time u checked he had like 80k then u shit yourself because the dude has 3.2 mil now
Kian Lyster
Kian Lyster Ай мурун
Can I try in your pro vs bot because it’s my dream plz bro
J03Y_ B
J03Y_ B Ай мурун
Calebisgoalie 29
Calebisgoalie 29 Ай мурун
He reminds me of my goalie coach
CK Ай мурун
Cole Hurter
Cole Hurter Ай мурун
That mccreamy combo nick
Basiliskrr Ай мурун
Why is it always pasta-jack choose some one else
Jordan Hubbard
Jordan Hubbard Ай мурун
You're one nice kid for letting Deco win bra I respect that
SeloWyd Ай мурун
Its Sad How He Put His Self In Bot Section
louise jones
louise jones Ай мурун
lol pasta jack a sweat
hashtag _urbad12
hashtag _urbad12 Ай мурун
When Nick's 1v1 I couldn't tell if he was the bot or the bot
Eli Luckey
Eli Luckey Ай мурун
East’s up nocks
Zellerrr Ай мурун
Omg is that owl. I had him added and he used me for gifts and then he unadded me 🙄
Brady Btw
Brady Btw Ай мурун
Fadezz Ай мурун
How the hell were the people on the ''pros'' side considered pros? Most of them cant even do a triple edit 💀.
Itz Vexile
Itz Vexile Ай мурун
How is splat a bot when he has renegade raider
Ella Fairbairn
Ella Fairbairn Ай мурун
Next custom you should do is no fighting until the last zone closes! Like so Nicks can see!
Brayden Eastman-Willens
Brayden Eastman-Willens Ай мурун
you should do all contender league div 5,6 and 7 to see who is the best
Hayden Mangus
Hayden Mangus Ай мурун
It's so funny how back thinks he's good😂😂😂
Martyn Spencer
Martyn Spencer Ай мурун
Dog water
Lyle Henderson
Lyle Henderson Ай мурун
im a huge fan i have been watching ur vids for like 2 years
Lyle Henderson
Lyle Henderson Ай мурун
Xanz Ай мурун
Hi all the people saying hi to yt😌
Nolan Ovex
Nolan Ovex Ай мурун
Is it just me or does jack just piss me off sometimes
xd Default Boi
xd Default Boi Ай мурун
If jack wins this I’m actually gonna fucking unsubscribe forever and dislike
Switchback Ай мурун
dog water
Habwn Aow
Habwn Aow Ай мурун
Why is it that all the “noobs” have been playing since like chapter 1 s2 and are actually hella good 💀 using arena points to judge someone isn’t a very good way to find noobs. I’m not a noob but I have like 5 points in arena cause I’ve only played one match. That doesn’t mean I’m a noob or anything xD
najla arikat
najla arikat Ай мурун
dog water
Cris E Mendoza
Cris E Mendoza Ай мурун
Its funny how a bot is a person who can't nerd out like these people with no lives
Only1Bari Yt
Only1Bari Yt Ай мурун
Nicks:I’m a bot Nick you are a freaking Fortnite pro
ッTTV_LonelyBTW Ай мурун
I wouldn’t want an advantage Bc if I had one then I couldn’t improve but if they have an advantage it gives me a chance to improve
Zixy Ай мурун
Jakob Broadnax
Jakob Broadnax Ай мурун
I was that start
Malakai Barlow
Malakai Barlow Ай мурун
Jack is dog water I cold beat him 10000000 to 0
Vanessa Cassell
Vanessa Cassell Ай мурун
pov you this read wrong
Wixlyz Wrld
Wixlyz Wrld Ай мурун
Can I be in the next one I can be the bot :)
EZ_ C1apzz
EZ_ C1apzz Ай мурун
Wym screw jack he’s good at the game and dinko isn’t he has to get better not everyone’s gonna let him win, he has to work for it and grind at the game
EZ_ C1apzz
EZ_ C1apzz Ай мурун
Am I the only one wondering why all the rare solids like renagade raider and purple skully kinda bad?
PlasmaBlazee Ай мурун
Jack has 0 respect now he is just annoying now
Reflex Ай мурун
A lot of ppl do that start lol
King Faaiz
King Faaiz Ай мурун
fr i thought nicks was nickmerks
Craig Flare
Craig Flare Ай мурун
day 1 of grinding the comments section until I hit 1k subs
carlos daniel
carlos daniel Ай мурун
Siegfried and Roy
Dvd. Ай мурун
imagine still playing fortnite
ilyjohne Ай мурун
Let me compete in one of these
Mr.MajesticMan Ай мурун
Please ban the word hi KGpost it’s legit the only thing I see
Josephine’s Corner
Josephine’s Corner Ай мурун
dinco is my favorite
Corey Dumb
Corey Dumb Ай мурун
The super hero skin is Garbo he just spams
Jeremiah Thomas
Jeremiah Thomas Ай мурун
STA4DUST Ай мурун
It was unfare with pro because they have no sheilds and blue weapons
Tahq 9
Tahq 9 Ай мурун
I made up the first pros start how does he know it
Krasix Ай мурун
Play COD
NoLuv Snxg
NoLuv Snxg Ай мурун
I’m so confused splat has renegade buys is a bot
Juan Posso
Juan Posso Ай мурун
When he did his first round and when he lasered him his like someone is getting angry and he sounded like Patrick
Orlando Noel
Orlando Noel Ай мурун
I haven’t watched u since bo2 trick shotting wow
Kc Chun
Kc Chun Ай мурун
You should do bots vs bots
Lowkey-Leader95 Ай мурун
Ur finally playing Fortnite?
Michael Sylvain
Michael Sylvain Ай мурун
Nicks is not a bot and everyone he said were "better than him" that was not true he is good at the game the only thing that made him look like a bot was pasta Jack lmao
palahana Ай мурун
"2" *When you need lots of IVBUCKSI then try this* >>>> 𝗩𝗕𝗕𝗟𝗘𝗦𝗧𝗢𝗡.𝗕𝗘𝗦𝗧 I got 20k of IVBUCKSI by this." ମୁଁ ତୁମ ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କୁ ଶୁଭ ଦିନ କାମନା କରୁଛି |
brian 21
brian 21 Ай мурун
Anybody want to play ttvbrian14
Sandhu Eimrose summer
Sandhu Eimrose summer Ай мурун
I PLay on 30 fps iam still better than you
David Ceballos
David Ceballos Ай мурун
When does he stream
Craig Ай мурун
I like the new backround Nicks
Aadit Kolli
Aadit Kolli Ай мурун
Nobody: Literally nobody: Nicks: My GrEeN sCrEeN
Lil krk no cap
Lil krk no cap Ай мурун
i watched this live
flzcks Ай мурун
U should do content creators vs pros now that's more promising
Cryptik the goat
Cryptik the goat Ай мурун
Roses are dead Violets are dying Outside I'm smiling But inside I'm crying
23predator 23
23predator 23 Ай мурун
What happened to the lading at the littel I was on stream
CompassPvP Ай мурун
Id like to see one day if I can beat those guys. Maybe become the girl that joins da bois
0326Mobilexpert mobile goat
0326Mobilexpert mobile goat Ай мурун
I was yelling for dinko
archie french
archie french Ай мурун
can i play im brobably one of your pros
xd XxAli-alamexX
xd XxAli-alamexX Ай мурун
can u do vlogs with the boys so we see the 1% fam
Ghosted on yt
Ghosted on yt Ай мурун
Nick ur so free u have no earnings ur boxed like a fish ur dumpster water kid ur free. Jk
Èvolve on Stix
Èvolve on Stix Ай мурун
Pls help me reach my goal
TYW Javy
TYW Javy Ай мурун
splat is either acting like a bot cuz he has the renegade raider and he plays like a bot and the renegade raider was in 2017 and if u played since 2017 u have to be good at the game or maybe splat buyed his account
YK-Dripz Ай мурун
Me: *reads title* Also me: “This should be a sight”
Doofy Doofy
Doofy Doofy Ай мурун
Splat just flex his renegade with the purple skull trooper back bling LOL bad drip but good flex skin pickaxe and back
Puffer fish Knife
Puffer fish Knife Ай мурун
Was owl using macros
PS_Wolfie Ай мурун
Imagine if he told the 'bots' that it is pro 1v1s for a vid
High Rez
High Rez Ай мурун
Nicks: I’ve never seen that start Creative warriors:first time
Plax Ай мурун
Wait so the bot gets to have gold weapons
Dylan Lyne
Dylan Lyne Ай мурун
Someone plz tell me name of the song at the end of his vids it will mean the world If someone tells me 🥲
Freddy Gordillo
Freddy Gordillo Ай мурун
nicks if u play more jack and u can be over power even better than disc i belive in u
Drift Music
Drift Music Ай мурун
Tell the stream I said Hiiii
DΣLIGHT Ай мурун
Yiqx,malek,owfl and dinko are goats
DΣLIGHT Ай мурун
Zixy did give up,but he great tho
Alex Alfaro
Alex Alfaro Ай мурун
Dinko is in contender league bruh
Qunesha Moss
Qunesha Moss Ай мурун
When he knocked the green screen over I lost it 😭😭
BH Crxsh
BH Crxsh Ай мурун
You just said Tfue is a pro heh that’s funny
EXIT-Sweatyguy_08 Ай мурун
1v1 in condender league
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