I hosted a pickaxe only custom with 100 players and this is how it went... (so bad)

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I hosted a pickaxe only custom with 100 players and this is how it went...
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Cadie Davies
Cadie Davies 19 күн мурун
13:35 i just wanna say whoever the person is who said "hi mom im in nicks video" thats so funny i love you aahahahahahahahah
Andrea Ndlovu
Andrea Ndlovu Ай мурун
He use to post daily now I am just watching old videos
Magriet Burger
Magriet Burger Ай мурун
Nobody: Literary not a single soul Twitch chat: HI KGpostEEEE
Clips 2nd account
Clips 2nd account Ай мурун
I like how the chat says hi KGpost 😊
Bell FN
Bell FN Ай мурун
How did he get a boosh and a pepper when he didn’t even land
If u ever play this game mode u emote to heal use a triversal emote
juju breeezy
juju breeezy Ай мурун
Y does the chat spammmmmm hi yt hi yt and waste their time instead of actually saying something that is a good use of time
Brady's Gaming World
Brady's Gaming World Ай мурун
Hi guys
Jayden Collins
Jayden Collins Ай мурун
nicks they talking about taking creator codes from people who do subscribers only customs
Sizz1es Ай мурун
12:58 since when can u heal up with snowmen?????
lily mittnacht
lily mittnacht Ай мурун
wait jack lives in philly??
Jason huynh
Jason huynh Ай мурун
Say nicks but replace the n with a d
Shark Tooth
Shark Tooth Ай мурун
I love it how when u say the intro u mute jack lol
Closeups Ай мурун
3:17-3:19 💀😂
The_beast 0988
The_beast 0988 Ай мурун
Nicks sorry we don't get paid to watch you
R1zzy Ай мурун
Crossair Op
Crossair Op Ай мурун
Sus nick.
Trakzgg Ай мурун
Can't just be me who thought when nicks was saying "uh" it sounded hellla sus
Kaeden Kaeden
Kaeden Kaeden Ай мурун
What time are your customs
LokoPro-_YT Ай мурун
MSM_MHAY Ай мурун
Lol the msm_mhay spamming
Audrey Lummis
Audrey Lummis Ай мурун
At least you can’t get griefed
Tfaxroy T
Tfaxroy T Ай мурун
What time do you stream
no.source Ай мурун
Reboot and you get a pistol
Caleb Erelli
Caleb Erelli Ай мурун
Quantum Ай мурун
Nick isn’t short, ryft is
Kayno Ай мурун
do you know briyen
TTK Steppa
TTK Steppa Ай мурун
Who ever is reading this, God has a plan, trust the process💖🤩
xAdham Ай мурун
Pretend I said something funny
Josh Vux
Josh Vux Ай мурун
Is this game mode available to play now
Josh Vux
Josh Vux Ай мурун
3.25million subs be only 200k views on his vid
Zeb Greer
Zeb Greer Ай мурун
Carly Rock Murray
Carly Rock Murray Ай мурун
Wait what bush’s are back what
Aiden Sansevero
Aiden Sansevero Ай мурун
Can we get a “your dead” counter
CookieMonsterTime Ай мурун
I saw Maddox in the chat saying hi to KGpost. Hi Maddox.
KrakensFN Ай мурун
I “Love” how everyone spams KGpost 😆
Aj Plays
Aj Plays Ай мурун
What time he live on twitch?
declan kelly
declan kelly Ай мурун
I know this is easy content but we want to see you play brother
Bolk Team fss Action
Bolk Team fss Action Ай мурун
You should do watching your fans montages
xd aquiz
xd aquiz Ай мурун
6:14 edits a stair “hE’s kInDa cRaCkEd”
xd aquiz
xd aquiz Ай мурун
When he did that intro at the start , me in the UK and it like 4am 😂😂
Durpy Bxnker - #GLMDurpy
Durpy Bxnker - #GLMDurpy Ай мурун
Did you forget you do a emote to heal yourself in Pickaxe Frenzy.
Lucid.F.Nא Ай мурун
3:15 he sus
Maria Cunningham
Maria Cunningham Ай мурун
It would be cool if you did a custom where everyone had to land slurpy swamp because there is so many fishing spots
Aust bozz
Aust bozz Ай мурун
you're doing for fortnite again, I might have to sub again
Oceanz Ай мурун
Pasta jack washed lol
Isaiah Ай мурун
who else saw the comment that said "im nicks gf"
carstiq. Ай мурун
The first costum that there’s no grefers
thatfatkidalex Ай мурун
2:15 “That’s kinda sus”
Bugs - Brawl Stars
Bugs - Brawl Stars Ай мурун
awesome simply awesome nothing else.
Ronan Tiegs
Ronan Tiegs Ай мурун
How many customs dose he do a day
᯾ Maziッ
᯾ Maziッ Ай мурун
3:50 They Owned Nicks now jts their Custom😂😂😂
duck on
duck on Ай мурун
᯾ Maziッ
᯾ Maziッ Ай мурун
Imagine Nicks do Only Pickaxe then Only Pickaxe in 3rd Zone thatll be good content
GGs_Only_On_YT Ай мурун
I'm not gonna blame this on Nick's but because I was watching his video in class, I missed everything and got a 0 on the assignment 😭
Dominick Skinner
Dominick Skinner Ай мурун
I love how everyone has star wand
toxic Plu
toxic Plu Ай мурун
What time do u stream
Antler Gaming
Antler Gaming Ай мурун
Why do you even try
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez Ай мурун
U sould do you with only guns and every one els trys to pickaxe you
Quant0m Ай мурун
I am in this let's go
Sweat CP
Sweat CP Ай мурун
A 200iq play at 10:40 would have been to dance and then do the dance glitch to heal
Renegade Raider
Renegade Raider Ай мурун
Did pasta jack get ban
bckstabber Ай мурун
Nick when you say “where are my 200k twitch viewers?” i know ur probably joking but youtuber we can watch it when ever and twitch you gotta watch it when the streamer or youtubers live
Olivia Robinson
Olivia Robinson Ай мурун
2021 but still has his Christmas tree up lol
OrchidFN Ай мурун
wow your channel is dead....
Flaming Demon
Flaming Demon Ай мурун
Antonio Is Trash
Antonio Is Trash Ай мурун
Subscriber to views ratio ain’t lookin like the bag is secured
Yvng Shdws
Yvng Shdws Ай мурун
All of y’all fell off
Will Pritchard
Will Pritchard Ай мурун
Nicks first vid back “i don’t want to only do customs” nick every video back “and we are back with another custom
Ronja Johansen
Ronja Johansen Ай мурун
I would love to be on your streem but I am in a different timezone so I am a sleep when you stream.
team echo
team echo Ай мурун
If you like this nick I'll turn into this🦍
Miles Rain
Miles Rain Ай мурун
Imagine griefing with a gun
SYNXGG Ай мурун
Bro u said u would not do customs all the time :(:(:(:(:(
Ryze Ай мурун
Faz uma petição pro Fortnite voltar a ser como era antes, a interface, as armas, pros gráficos ficaram menos animados e um pouco mais realista, como por exemplo as árvores, as árvores da Season 4 eram mt + lindas, se o jogo voltasse a ser daquele jeito eu ia viciar dnv certeza :( ( Acredito q isso n vai acontecer, mas eu imagino kakak, um jogo Battle Royale q nem o fortnite era na Season 2 até a 7 n vai ter igual ) :
SK Gaming
SK Gaming Ай мурун
bro that kid at 7:57 is litterally kratos lmaooo
Boy Campbell
Boy Campbell Ай мурун
hey Pasta Jacks back
you probably dont get as much viewers bc they watch it live on twitch
ReChicken Ай мурун
Whoever sends bits to shoutout channel are gay af
Princess Briella
Princess Briella Ай мурун
I was in the chat
Prucix Ай мурун
Y his chat so sus
Angel Ай мурун
Nicks why did u ban me from ur server
H!xper -TD
H!xper -TD Ай мурун
I saw my self in chat
suetydub Ай мурун
Ohhhhh the hair though!
ッeaze Ай мурун
bro tell us what time you stream nics
Joshua Haswell
Joshua Haswell Ай мурун
I love these customs
YK-Dripz Ай мурун
Entertainment at its finest 👌
Divine Isidahomen
Divine Isidahomen Ай мурун
Me chilling with that outro then mw finding the music and me finding one that is an hour long. fr tho, that outro hits
thebiggraf Ай мурун
it’s duos how did he place 53rd?
JLegends Ай мурун
My mom told me she would get me a pc if I hit 100 subscribers 🥺
Ex Scar
Ex Scar Ай мурун
If I were u I would go to replay and ban all of those ppl
unrealboy44 Ай мурун
10:07 next dr sues
Eli Kramer
Eli Kramer Ай мурун
What time does he stream
My little Farm
My little Farm Ай мурун
What are his binds:3
Nicola Fenty-Stewart
Nicola Fenty-Stewart Ай мурун
It not new year ANYMORE!!!
Fresh Dripz
Fresh Dripz Ай мурун
3:41 I kill u sorry my 20 year old sis told me to
christopher O'Toole
christopher O'Toole Ай мурун
Pasta-jack is the best
Daily YT Andrej
Daily YT Andrej Ай мурун
If this was normal duos oh god there would be 84848372717274748 cheaters lol
thatkid.nylaaa Ай мурун
please do customs like you used to so it’s fair
FN Quinzy
FN Quinzy Ай мурун
Love the content nicks but I would love for you to do a video of you playing solo arena
thatkid.nylaaa Ай мурун
just turn off your screen when landing just tell them where your going
my best custom scrim yet... (insane heal off)
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