I spectated the most insane skybase heal off in my customs... (he won!?)

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I spectated the most insane skybase heal off in my customs... (he won!?)
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Red 18 күн мурун
He has a gun because of a decoy grenade thing
Gaming Gutta [NORSK GAMING]
Gaming Gutta [NORSK GAMING] 27 күн мурун
1:52 im sliding into him
Gators _bsbl
Gators _bsbl Ай мурун
Bro, can u like not edit
Insane Jet
Insane Jet Ай мурун
You should do the same game mode and only do sky base only fighting
maven Ай мурун
No one: Nick's chat: YOU CAN FISH A WEAPON NICKSSS!!!!!!
Elias Dhillon
Elias Dhillon Ай мурун
He did not cheat he fished
QewsWorld Ай мурун
Has anyone noticed Nicks keybinds like is his hand on the other side of the keyboard???
Alyjah Edmond
Alyjah Edmond Ай мурун
day 1 of saying use code nicks
Yaakov Bentsur
Yaakov Bentsur Ай мурун
BONES ., .
BONES ., . Ай мурун
The last person in my game was sky basing and i used clingers from the bottom and then used a storm flip to get him off to his death
Bob Builder
Bob Builder Ай мурун
The 1fortnite KGpost I watch
Kyle L
Kyle L Ай мурун
Fortnite s fucking broke their ltms solid gold isn’t even solid gold
GamingKing Ай мурун
It was either a decoy or he fished for the ar
Destiny_ Claxify
Destiny_ Claxify Ай мурун
Live Chat: YoU CAn FisH a WeApoN!!!
KmYsT AJ Ай мурун
Streambolt 246
Streambolt 246 Ай мурун
I weakly like your among us
TTK Steppa
TTK Steppa Ай мурун
Who ever is reading this, God has a plan, trust the process💖😀
Ls_ Die
Ls_ Die Ай мурун
This was a good costum
Meowboss 99
Meowboss 99 Ай мурун
At 2:12 did he say the n word
TCC Psycho
TCC Psycho Ай мурун
“BE HONEST WHO’S BEEN A FAN FOR A LONG TIME?” “¡ᴍ ɢɪ🄵T̶ɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏöꪀᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ꒒ɪᴋᴇꇙ ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙ𝑺 ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ”
akabobb Ай мурун
Hello yeah
scolios_kid Ай мурун
He a fortnite person eww
Mickie Valley
Mickie Valley Ай мурун
Just so u know this is a game mode not a challenge
Emma Hughes
Emma Hughes Ай мурун
lol i’m on my sisters phone 📱 and ONLY to listen to music😂😂🥺
Emma Hughes
Emma Hughes Ай мурун
from her friend
Emma Hughes
Emma Hughes Ай мурун
she borrowed it🤣
Emma Hughes
Emma Hughes Ай мурун
borrowed it
Drewboigamin Ай мурун
You should do a skybase only custom
Team Chromulance
Team Chromulance Ай мурун
Trying to get famous off comments day 4
Kwxy Ай мурун
Something unsettling about a grown man senior dog water no earnings I mean kids yeah I understand but mmmmm
notvince543 Ай мурун
Your videos have been a lot of clickbait recently just like formula you guys should just quit customs brothersss
Suleiman Ghanchi
Suleiman Ghanchi Ай мурун
People who seen n_o_r_m_a_n in chat
Braidyn Tables
Braidyn Tables Ай мурун
lol, the person who had a ar fished it
Lex C
Lex C Ай мурун
do a skybase only custom or hot lava custom if you touch the ground your out
Your Mom
Your Mom Ай мурун
His key binds spell out Nicks
Vincent Pimentel
Vincent Pimentel Ай мурун
Personally ain’t into the live, would be better if you could actually try to win, you can’t ever win if you’re live. Just my opinion my glad you’re back.
Nason Cannam
Nason Cannam Ай мурун
I can't believe I got my first custom win I had a good time tho
Dreamzeasydubs Ай мурун
It's a decoy
Aqua Omar
Aqua Omar Ай мурун
U should host a skybase only custome
Strike1force Ай мурун
Tip: pickaxe front of slurp truck to break instantly
Kyro Ай мурун
He fished that ar
bballbaa gaming
bballbaa gaming Ай мурун
Btw it was a glitch with fishing
Kaiden Medas
Kaiden Medas Ай мурун
It was a decoy
OGNitroClapz Ай мурун
500 comment
RainFN Ай мурун
im so happy nicks is doing so good on youtube again🥰
bryan garcia
bryan garcia Ай мурун
Vayn Freeze
Vayn Freeze Ай мурун
P O T A T O cute
P O T A T O cute Ай мурун
You spectated the most insane skybase while I was watching the most boring youtuber.
Arianna Townsend
Arianna Townsend Ай мурун
when hen threw the chillers on the deck i layghed so hardn bc as soon as he landed in the water they went away
Ninja_Shaw_YT Ай мурун
He has a gun from fishing
Ninja_Shaw_YT Ай мурун
I just love your vids there so good content I wait all the time for you to upload keep up the good work
SauceBroskie Ай мурун
The guy with the AR wasn't hacking, he threw decoys. The decoy's spawn with weapons. Trippy, I know.
Bread Turtle
Bread Turtle Ай мурун
SauceBroskie oh I thought it was an mpc
Eddie Keys
Eddie Keys Ай мурун
Btw it was a decoy that had a gun bc the decoys always have a gun when they spawn
Anyone remember Davis and plu
ILikete37s Ай мурун
you should put your screen on a 2 minute delay
Noah Raby
Noah Raby Ай мурун
If you fish you can’t pull out weapons with a pro fishing rod. But there is a very small small chance.
jesus gaytan
jesus gaytan Ай мурун
Ayo? I clicked on this video cause i thought sypherpk 👁👄👁
Joaquin Reid
Joaquin Reid Ай мурун
Yes i aggree
iiRealizedii Ай мурун
"Doesn't take damage" Proceeds to take 40 damage 5:04
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin Ай мурун
The kid that killed nick is a no life wanting everyone to spectate him and have nick notice him imagine being that 🤣🤣 followed him the whole game
Andres Guerrero
Andres Guerrero Ай мурун
PRJavier! Ай мурун
just do a sky base only
Joey Marinello
Joey Marinello Ай мурун
Bro they were using decoy grenades who have AR's but can't deal damage. :-0
Vorbii Ай мурун
You cant fish guns its decoys that people spawn and the decoys have guns but cant damage you
FNCS qwxz
FNCS qwxz Ай мурун
Jesus died on the cross for your sins Jesus loves you turn from sin and ask for forgivness for your sins Jesus is king o
Echo Ай мурун
Day 1 of getting famous from comments: stay safe and enjoy your life to it’s fullest!
Veflxp Ай мурун
I was about to say nice thumbnail, but then i found out you copied ghoulzs
蘭 lando
蘭 lando Ай мурун
You can fish a gun
Jaxson Mitchell
Jaxson Mitchell Ай мурун
When the one guy got boxed who else was like boxed like a fish dog water you have 0 earnings
Andres Guerrero
Andres Guerrero Ай мурун
No one 😐
Trenton is Taken
Trenton is Taken Ай мурун
You nicks you get the at by fishing it
Simmo 15
Simmo 15 Ай мурун
Should do a skybase trios customes
Landon Daunhauer israel
Landon Daunhauer israel Ай мурун
If you look in chat right before his outro someone says they are going to end it tomorrow
YK-Dripz Ай мурун
I hope someone reading this becomes successful
L J Ай мурун
Do skybase only in regular duos or solos
Никита Ай мурун
9:59 *drunk rift*
mikaelfruit Ай мурун
Hey nick at what time do you usually stream?
That One Memester
That One Memester Ай мурун
in the start the 'cheater' with the ar was a decoy lol
Austin Donle
Austin Donle Ай мурун
Yeah lol
Daring Ryan
Daring Ryan Ай мурун
I watched this live!
Joe Schmidt
Joe Schmidt Ай мурун
this is my opportunity I’m dying
Dubs Clan
Dubs Clan Ай мурун
Camajam gaming
Camajam gaming Ай мурун
I once found a SMG in a sniper only mode. The fishing was bugged and I pulled a SMG. People thought I was hacking.
Camajam gaming
Camajam gaming Ай мурун
@Wali Ansari ya last season
Wali Ansari
Wali Ansari Ай мурун
Wait was it last season? I got a purple pump while fishing during one shot last season.
Highper Hydro YT
Highper Hydro YT Ай мурун
You should do this custom but everyone has to build a skybase and then fight that would be fun
FBI Ай мурун
Highper Hydro YT that’s what the x2twins did
QaiOnLinear Dynasty
QaiOnLinear Dynasty Ай мурун
@Aj Bj can’t shoot down no guns in this game mode gonna be very hard to grief
Lmao Lmao
Lmao Lmao Ай мурун
That’s exactly what I thought when I clicked in the video! It’s such a cool idea
Aj Bj
Aj Bj Ай мурун
Yeah but people would grief and shoot them all down
mlakumar Ай мурун
remember when jack and dayes just destroyed in customs
mlakumar Ай мурун
you can fish a gun
Adrian Vizner
Adrian Vizner Ай мурун
Getting famous off comments day 222, so I can live the dream, live everyday like it’s your last day🤙
assault_o Ай мурун
0:00 is when the video starts thank me later :)
Jessica Bailey
Jessica Bailey Ай мурун
Cody Mikhael
Cody Mikhael Ай мурун
Just saying when he said" I'll drop my smokes I mean stinks" Me: smoke?? So he play Valorant because fortnite boring and he plays fortnite just to record for KGpost because FN is he's job
Andres Guerrero
Andres Guerrero Ай мурун
U cant be real
CJ Ай мурун
ColdeX Ай мурун
You can get a AR from fishing in that mode
RNG speedy
RNG speedy Ай мурун
Nick you can fish btw so that will get you a gun
real umer
real umer Ай мурун
Best start in this game mode:survive till the last circle,throw some junk rift under u,shockwave out,and use a storm flip
Thea Phillips
Thea Phillips Ай мурун
well no fucking shit
Richard and Sarah
Richard and Sarah Ай мурун
Watching this whilst I’m supposed to be doing school but.... this is WAY better 😂
snaggy_sway Ай мурун
@Richard and Sarah anytime brooooooooo lol in class 8 th period lol
Richard and Sarah
Richard and Sarah Ай мурун
@snaggy_sway thanks 🥲
snaggy_sway Ай мурун
ur never going anywhere in life lol jk
snaggy_sway Ай мурун
@RogueTheo ur never going anywhere in life lol jk
snaggy_sway Ай мурун
ur never going anywhere in life lol jk
It’s Changes.
It’s Changes. Ай мурун
MenSioN Ай мурун
Day 24 of trying to get famous off of Comments Hope everybodys 2021 is going great 😁
Cooper Hogan
Cooper Hogan Ай мурун
What if you get rebooted would you a pistol
Goosey !
Goosey ! Ай мурун
Remember when Jack and Dayes just played in Nicks customs?
Apollo Cube
Apollo Cube Ай мурун
When your in the thumbnail😎🤙🏼
carry on
carry on Ай мурун
Two years later... still clickbaiting
p a n d a
p a n d a Ай мурун
1:56 lol
CC Super
CC Super Ай мурун
10:18 someone’s say I’m ending my life
ツCrxzeツ Ай мурун
Nick I think someone pickaxed the mpc and the mpc shot his ar
Logic Pumpzz
Logic Pumpzz Ай мурун
Y do you talk like a Cotten picker with the word g and more
Andres Guerrero
Andres Guerrero Ай мурун
Auj Bin Faisal
Auj Bin Faisal Ай мурун
Lm10 is The best
Lm10 is The best Ай мурун
I'm guessing he was fishing in game modes epic forget to remove fishing
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